Xbox Resident Evil

Platforms on the market: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Personal Computer – Developer: Tango Gameworks – Publisher: Bethesda Softworks – Genre: Survival Horror – Favouring activity over frights, triple-A survival horror titles became something of a rarity, as publishers have tried to produce the genre as full and activity orientated as possible. Thank goodness for jigsaw terror luminary Shinji Mikami, who’s returned to his roots with The Evil Inside, a game which feels like Resident Evil revisited. Picking up where he left off with Resident Evil 4, The Evil Inside is a winning mixture of new and old. It may take place in creepy old churches, abandoned asylums, spooky farmyards, a menacing subway system, dank sewers, and even a haunted mansion.

They cannot be the most original surroundings listing all the horror games which use these places would likely take all day – but with regards to inducing fear, they are mighty. Likewise, while games such as Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 were quite liberal with the firearms and ammo, The Evil Inside is a far more restrictive encounter. Deciding where Shinji Mikami left with Resident Evil 4, The Evil Inside is a winning mixture of new and old. Conserving ammo and keeping which health bar is a real challenge, that makes enemy encounters much tenser.

However, overall, the shifting landscape implies which you never feel trapped in one location for far too long. It is also incredibly cinematic. While some of all the animations feel a bit stiff at times, all the grainy visual filter and widescreen presentation create a genuinely immersive and atmospheric experience. The story fails to match all the heightened cinematics, however, becoming unnecessarily complicated and disappearing a little too far up its backside.

What might have been a simple and powerful psychological horror, instead gets carried attempting to keep players guessing? Nevertheless, only moments before that, you had been encouraged to follow him. Some kind of warning would have been more efficient, giving players a sense that they are in danger and forcing them to rapidly decide whether or not to turn and run or stand and fight.

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